Existential Well-being Explained

What is Well-being?


Chances are that each one of you will answer this question very differently. The simple answer: 

  • Objective Well-being - Measured by means of objective criteria like your income, your level of education, or your health
  • Subjective Well-being - Measured by what you, yourself consider to be important for your well-being like meaning in life, or peace of mind

What is Existential Well-being?

An existential well-being approach emphasizes that human beings always function within the four different dimensions of human existence (showing below) and all these dimensions together contribute to satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

  1. your physical domain (body and the material world)
  2. your social domain (being in relation to others)
  3. your psychological/personal domain (inner experience of yourself) 
  4. your spiritual domain (finding one's place in the universe, contributing to a better world)

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