Give your life the meaning it deserves




Imagine life as a journey. A road-trip that lasts 70 to 80 years. Your body represents your car and your mind is the steering wheel. Your journey in life starts with your parents sending you off to get a drivers licence (school to get an education) and at 18 you're now forced to start driving. You don't know your destination, you don’t know the purpose of your journey, and you don’t know why you started driving in the first place. Wouldn't driving under such circumstances be just meaningless? 

Everybody is driving somewhere, but they don’t stop and ask - where to and why?

Any wonder, why life feels empty and unfulfilling? People get to a point where they get sick of driving for the sake of it and aren't enjoying the drive anymore. It takes a 'life-threatening sickness' or a 'mid-life crisis' to act as a circuit breaker, for most people to reassess the way they live their life. What are you waiting for?  


The meaning of life pertains to the significance of living, essentially your very existence. Have you ever asked yourself - Why are you here? What is your life’s goal? More importantly, identifying - what truly matters in your life?

Until you identify that thing, you will walk through life frustrated trying to figure out why you can’t find joy and why you don’t have peace. Even though you may have a lot to be thankful for, you somehow still feel empty on the inside. 

Often there are pockets in life showing you signs. They help you understand - where you’re supposed to be going, and what it is you’re supposed to be doing. But are you paying attention to these signs? 

You are special and you have a gift. A gift that you were born with,  that you are not currently using and sharing with the world, and thus the lack of meaning and purpose in your life, which deems it all rather meaningless.

VISION - A Navigation System for Life

Most people have GOALS for the minuscule things in life, but not many make a plan for life. They plan a trip, a holiday, a business meeting, they make plans to make plans, but how many actually sit down and make a plan for their lives? Not many, if any. 

Most people today, live as though they have a back-up stored away somewhere, not being consciously aware of their mortality. Ask the dying about their regrets and most would say, they wish they could have done things differently, and led a more meaningful life whilst they had the opportunity to do so. 

Now imagine, having a vision for your life. Tangible goals that are aligned with this vision would serve as a Navigation System for your road trip of life. Not only would it give you direction, but also guide your life decisions, and more importantly let you know when you have taken a wrong turn in life. 

We all have just the one life, shouldn’t we try to make it the best gift we give ourselves?  

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Real Success...?

Real Success is creating your own path in life, one that gives you a strong reason to get out of bed every morning.  

Things you might want to consider



Meaning and Fulfilment, don't come from external gratification. In spite of that most people go looking for happiness in the wrong places, in other people, and in materialistic things. They associate happiness with end goals such as getting a great job, that new car or even the perfect life partner and believe that will make them happy, eventually realising that is not the case. 


The greatest joys in life are free. Profound experiences like falling in love, having a child, laughing along with someone, are all free. Why then are the majority, so obsessed with money and accumulating more possessions than they will ever need in their lifetime? 

In essence, we have become lifeless scoreboards. Keeping score of how much money we make, where we live, what we drive, and we have somehow missed the point of the game of 'Life'. It's time to start enjoying the game instead of merely keeping score to win, as winning is impossible and nobody ever gets out alive.



Purpose and Passion, are the Greatest Energisers in Life. The purpose of life is to be serving something bigger than yourself. It is to have made a difference, having lived and helped others with your gift. Passion is what you're good at and do with the least amount of resistance and it brings you immense joy. Time flies by, and it never feels like work. 

We are all born with such passions, talents, skills and unfortunately most people never get to fulfil their goals and dreams. Instead of our time being invested in what we have a passion for, we have got side tracked and diverted into a system of companies and corporations. The majority go to meaningless jobs that they have no passion for or connection to, leading to stress, anxiety and eventual burnout. 

We believe that most people do want more out of life and if given the resources and shown how, would rather choose a more meaningful life.