About the Founder

"I want to be the Stone, that starts a Ripple and leads to a Tsunami" - Farzin Irani


My name is Farzin, my friends call me Fuz, and I call myself 'The Rebel with a Heart'

Through the twists and turns in life, I found myself at a juncture where I had two choices, continue doing what hadn't served me until that point or radically transform my life. I followed the unknown, often scary, less travelled path, and now help others with their Life Transformation Journey. 

A few years back, I felt lost. I was successful from a societal viewpoint - well educated, good job, great friends, and a loving family, everything that personified being successful, but somehow it all felt empty and meaningless inside. I had a nagging feeling that something was missing and I wasn't living up to my truest and highest potential. 

I also wanted answers to life’s important questions. Questions that most of us want answered, but we don’t know where to look or who to ask. 

So, I did what any normal person wouldn't do and turned my life upside-down by putting myself through a Real-Life Social Experiment. My 2.5-year quest led me from the depths of Philosophy to the most recent discoveries of Neuroscience and everything in between, as I finally managed to connect the dots and bridge the gap between the Eastern and Western doctrines of life. 

Coming out the other end, I set up SuccesSimplified and am also writing a book to try and inspire others. 

My aim is to share some of the wisdom I gained through my journey, in a format that is easily digestible and readily usable by people in the 21st century to empower them to lead better lives, without having to turn their life upside-down, like I did mine. 


Inspire to create ripples and impact lives



Every human being on this planet aspires to be successful in their lifetime. But unfortunately, the majority are trying to be successful on the benchmarks handed down to them by their parents, teachers, institutions, and the constant barrage of unrealistic media projections. No wonder so many people feel unhappy and unsuccessful in their lives. 

What if we changed the measurement of Success in our World - from the contents of our lives, to the context of our lives - to live more meaningful, purpose driven, fulfilling lives.



Multiplicity of True Human Potential (*THP) - Guided by the vision of a new way of living in the future, a True Paradigm Shift awaits Mankind.

In an era of exponential change what kind of future awaits us?

  • Can we proactively solve global issues such as poverty, social inequality, crime, climate change?
  • Can we prevent chronic diseases and mental health issues around the globe?
  • Can we enable the deep seeded human desire to self-actualise and fulfill individual potential?

YES we can. It's time to design a New World for all of humanity to flourish.



Life is Easy, Living is Hard. Because we make it so, and unfortunately we don't know better. Besides, nobody really showed us how to do it right - nobody taught us how to live. 

The key to everything we want in life is already in our hands. But we need someone to show us the door and encourage us to open it. Learn how to use your Intrinsic Intelligence* to open the door to a world full of possibilities. 

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